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Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing tools

We can help increase or make better use of your mailing list

Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread the message and brand to your audience. We can create, manage and send email marketing campaigns for you based on custom designed email templates to match your brand.

Why start using email marketing?

  • Contact potential customers On the site Suppose a member of your target audience visits your website and fills out an information request form. The contact information of this person will be automatically entered into the CRM. Then, you want to send an email to all potential customers who filled out the form within the previous month. You just need to go to the email marketing module and segment the database based on the customers who filled out the form. Put your copy in the designed email template and send it. The report will be able to tell you who opened the email and what specific measures they took on your website, such as buying products.
  • Drip irrigation marketing activities- Drip irrigation marketing activities are very suitable to stay in the minds of customers, such as a weekly reminder newsletter. You can predefine emails here, and once customers register for the campaign, they will automatically receive repeated emails based on the time they registered. The entire campaign is automated, personalized, and most importantly effective.
  • Anniversary Date-  Enter key dates in the customer records and automatically send emails to your customers based on these dates,
  • for example:
  • Next date 1st anniversary
  • Check for updates
  • Follow-up date
  • Product warranty expires